We assist you in finding the best wines for your portfolio. We focus on quality wines from the Loire Valley in France and Germany. They offer a wide range of different wine styles: white, rosé, red, sparkling, dry, off-dry and sweet wines. We regularly visit wineries in the various regions to ensure we keep up-to-date on the latest developments and the quality of the wines.

We only work with quality wine producers that we know personally. Be believe that having indepth knowledge about the wines, terroir and producer is the only way to source the best wines for our customers. Because we work as independent wine broker, we can select wines for your portfolio from multiple wineries. We negiotiate the best price and work with transparent fees & pricing (commission-based). We also work with a few pre-selected wineries in the Loire Valley and Germany we already know well.


We want to build long-term relationships with our customers that know the value of a long-term approach. The customers of grapechoice are passionate about the wines they import and sell. We want to share our knowledge about the beautiful wines from the Loire Valley and Germany. This requires customers that share the same vision, enabling the final consumer to have a unique experience.


  • quality wines from the Loire Valley (France) and Germany
  • select the best wines for your portfolio
  • diverse wine styles: white, rosé, red, sparkling, dry, off-dry and sweet wines
  • wines in different pricing segments
  • provide detailed information about the wines (incl. Wine & Food pairing)
  • independent
  • transparent fees & pricing (commission-based)
  • takes care of orders and logistics (transport solutions)
  • legal documentation


We also offer personalised wine selection for wine importers and specialized retailers. If you are looking to add new wines to your portfolio, we are glad to advise you to find the best wines. Besides price, consumer preference (in the target wine market) is an important factor to take into account. We also have excellent knowledge about Wine & Food pairing. This enables us to match the most suitable wines to e.g. French and Asian cuisines.